Connected Leadership

Change Your Island Mentality Through Connected Leadership 

Guest post by Winston Sakurai 

At my school in Hawaii, we embrace the native mentality of “aloha”—which means we always welcome new people and ideas no matter where they are from. But at the same time, as we are literally living on an island, it can be hard to keep up with what is going on elsewhere. To overcome these challenges, I have worked hard to develop connected leadership behaviors that leverage technology to maximize time and performance.  (more…)

Connected Leadership: Empowering Stronger Leaders for Stronger Schools

Guest post by Jared C. Wastler

As an educational leader, I strongly believe that we must not lead from afar—we must engage and connect with our staff, students, community, and colleagues. Think of a leader whom you admire. It is rare that you would describe such an individual saying, “he talked a good game but never really followed through.”

Jimmy Casas, Principal at Bettendorf High School in Iowa, likes to say, “you get what you model.” For us to be effective educational leaders, (more…)