Coach K’s “Ah-ha moment” and his secret to sustainable success

Coach K clearly articulates a “Connection Culture” — where shared identity, empathy and understanding move individuals toward group-centered membership.

“Coach K’s “ah-ha” moment, his epiphany about the importance of connection and relationships, transformed his coaching style.”

The teacher-student relationship continues to be the best in-school predictor of student achievement. Every teacher has a different personality. I always advised teachers to ‘just be yourself.’

Students want to know that you care about them and believe in them. Show that you care by frequently pausing instruction to check for understanding. Show that you believe in them by having high expectations, providing support, and by rewarding hard work and effort over ability.

Coach K recognized that what he lacked in terms of innate ability to read the emotional states of his players could be offset by using the talents of his wife, Mickie, and his daughters to keep him clued in. Teachers can use keystone students to help them read the emotional states of their classrooms.

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