Teacher Leaders Focus of New Federal Initiative

US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan today announced a new partnership with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to encourage additional school leadership roles for teachers. Under “Lead the Change,” National Board-certified teachers would collaborate with principals, district leaders and other stakeholders to develop a plan for teachers to lead in their schools without having to leave their classrooms.

Prior to the announcement this afternoon, NASSP Executive Director JoAnn Bartoletti had an opportunity to speak to Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education Deb Delisle about the proposal and how our organization could contribute to the initiative. During the conversation, she expressed the association’s excitement about the prospect of principals’ involvement in the development and implementation of Lead the Change.

As the Breaking Ranks framework for school improvement reminds us, school success relies on the outstanding skills and contributions from many individual leaders working together. A culture of shared responsibility and true collaborative leadership will require principals to bring together coalitions of teacher leaders who have the skills to meet the school’s objectives and create a culture of continuous learning and shared decision-making.

While the initiative is short on details at this time, we expect that recommendations will be submitted to Secretary Duncan by March 2015. We know that middle and high school leaders are struggling to implement new college and career-ready standards and teacher evaluation systems, and NASSP will continue to work with the US Department of Education to ensure that the principal’s perspective is taken into consideration as the plan for teacher leaders is developed.

More information will be posted on the Department’s blog on Monday, March 17.

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