Carol Dweck on Performance Assessment

When students have a growth mindset they are motivated to learn. Watch as psychologist Carol Dweck describes the growth mindset and ways to nurture it. Ms. Dweck references the Envision Education videos on Deeper Learning.

Key Points from the Video:
  1. Contribute to the motivation to learn
  2. Encourage students to embrace challenges not avoid them
  3. Develop self-discipline and perseverance
  4. We believe in you! Set high standards and assure students that we will support them in achieving those standards. We set very high standards but we are committed to helping you reach and exceed them (support)
  5. Send the message that “you can join the ranks of the ‘best and brightest’ through work and effort on challenging tasks
  6. Encourage students to take ‘ownership’, which is a critical factor
  7. When students make choices and have a big ‘why’ their motivation increases
  8. Ikea Effect – the longer students work on a challenge, the more committed they are to the project
  9. Help students understand that intelligence is not something you were born with, but something you create
  10. Continual growth and improvement over time is the central focus of learning
  11. Help students understand that they can contribute
  12. Cause students to believe that they belong here

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