New Common Core tests may overwhelm some students, seriously challenge others, the CGCS predicts

Excerpted from an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer by Patrick O’Donnell on April 17, 2014

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The new Common Coretests coming to Ohio next year will force students to answer questions in ways they have never faced before on state tests.

Thoughts for Principals:

“A lot of people don’t understand how fundamentally different the work is that these standards require,” said Michael Casserly, executive director of the organization representing the country’s largest urban districts. “It appears that a lot of our kids are not adequately prepared for the kinds of complex problem-solving response that they’re being asked for.”

 “We will have do to a great deal in changing how we think about instruction in the classroom.” – Eric Gordon, CEO, Cleveland Schools

Two areas of concern:

  1. Students not knowing how to solve problems involving multiple steps,
  2. students not knowing how to cite evidence from readings to support answers.

Everyone will feel the effects of these new assessments!

even highly-rated suburban schools report students are experiencing new challenges with them.



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