“No correlation between the homework time and math scores.”

A preliminary analysis suggests that U.S. parents help more with 4th grade homework even though their children get less of it.

“A study led Sakiko Ikoma of Pennsylvania State University in University Park, drew upon newly available data from the 2011 TIMSS, which included 608,641 students and 49,429 teachers in 63 countries.”

Mel Riddile‘s insight:

Key Points for School Leaders:

  • more affluent parents were slightly more likely to help their children with homework
  • no correlation between teachers’ years of experience and the amount of homework they assigned
  • no correlation between the homework time and math scores
  • “In the United States, 4th grade teachers who participated in the study reported that they assigned an average of 19 minutes of math homework per night. By contrast, grade 4 teachers in other countries typically assigned 25 minutes of math homework per night.”
  • 79 percent of U.S. 4th graders said their parents made sure that they set aside time for homework on a daily basis as compared to 70 percent of students worldwide. It is unclear why this was the case.

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