Higher standards, more challenging tests mean lower test scores

Another state, Mississippi, experiences an expected dip in test scores as schools transition to new college- and career-ready standards.

Source: www.wral.com

Test scores will predictably drop in every state except MA, which already had rigorous standards–and a select few other states.

  1. The target–college and career ready instead of high school graduation–is much more challenging. The measure has changed, and, therefore, the scores are not comparable.
  2. New standards mean a change in instruction, which will take years to achieve. No one really knows how long it will take to build teacher capacity and revamp new teacher preparation programs.
  3. The assessments are new, which will normally cause a temporary dip in test scores until students and teachers acclimate themselves to the online, constructed response format.
  4. The real improvement process will not begin until teachers get meaningful feedback from the assessments, which is a year or more away.

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