3 Reasons to Register for Ignite ’15 Today

When you attend Ignite ’15, you will get to learn from some of the education community’s most dynamic leaders who are ready to share knowledge and proven solutions to some of your most pressing challenges.

Here are three reasons to register today:

  1. Cultivate your personal learning network (PLN)
    Have you ever wanted to put a name with a face? Chances are you have built your PLN through technology and social media, like Twitter. conference_w1aBut all of the fresh perspectives and solutions you amass through these platforms may seem a bit impersonal. Ignite ’15 is your opportunity to connect face-to-face. At Ignite, you can actually shake hands with that principal from several states away who recently inspired you with a new approach to digital learning. Now is the time to start planning your conference experience—find out who will be attending, set up meetings, and compare notes. In fact, jump onto Twitter right now at @NASSPIgnite, follow the feed, and join in on the conference buzz. But maybe you have been building your network slowly or are just starting out. No worries! The conference’s new Featured Experts sessions are sure to offer a rich array of speakers and attendees who can become part of your PLN. Choose from sessions such as

    • Leadership and School Redesign
    • FOCUS: First Things First for the 21st Century
    • Fake-World Math: How Mathematical Modeling Goes Wrong in Classrooms and How to Get it Right
    • World Records and the Standards of Mathematical Practices
    • US Department of Education Updates

    There will also be state affiliation networking tables available where you can meet colleagues and augment your PLN.

  2. Learn from peer practitioners
    When it comes to successful models for school improvement, who better to hear from than students themselves? A must-attend event during Ignite ‘15 is the Breaking Ranks School Showcase. During this session, representatives—some including teachers and students—from 20 participating schools will share their insights on how they planned, implemented, and sustained student-centered school improvement. Presented in collaboration with the Center for Secondary School Redesign (CSSR), this all-day interactive session will have you walking away with learning and teaching tools you can adapt and implement right away at your school.
  3. See it, hear it, touch it—Shop for solutions at the Expo
    Imagine having to wait for a product sample to come by overnight shipment… and not just one product, but many—from competing vendors. Now imagine having all the products and services in one place at one time. That’s the advantage of the Ignite ’15 Expo. Discover some of the most cutting-edge product and service solutions ready to be seen, heard, and felt—demonstrated right before your eyes by exhibitors ready to work with you one-on-one.

Have we whet your appetite? Ignite ’15 is where challenges meet solutions, and it is one of the best investments you can make in your career and for your school. Register today for Ignite ’15.

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