State considers limiting Common Core testing to four hours

Many local school leaders are sounding the alarm that students face too much testing as the first wave of new state exams aligned with Common Core standards approaches.

Ohio Concerned Over Amount Of Testing As Common Core Exams Begin Roll Out.

The Columbus (OH) Dispatch (11/2) reports Ohio’s local school leaders are “sounding the alarm that students face too much testing” as the state implements its Common Core-aligned set of standardized exams. Local officials say that the new state exams are duplicating local efforts to measure student progress and attainment on tests that take longer and require technology that districts can’t provide. Districts are also concerned over the length of time it takes to get feedback from the new state exams. In response, the State Legislature has introduced a bill that will limit state testing to four hours, which is one hour less than the length of time students have spent on previous exams.


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