Best Classroom Management: “I don’t need a system to handle misbehavior because it so rarely occurs.”

New teachers have an opportunity to create a classroom where students feel secure, valued & successful. Veteran Cheryl Mizerny shares ideas that work for her.

As teachers begin this school year, their thoughts undoubtedly turn to the classroom climate they want to establish and maintain. One question that I am often asked (especially by newer teachers) is what kind of classroom management program I use. My answer is that I don’t.

What I prefer instead is to develop a classroom that does not require a system to handle misbehavior because it so rarely occurs. No checkmarks on the board, no list of consequences, no rewards. Just engaged, productive, friendly students.”


  • Good instruction minimizes bad behavior.
  • Where there is a vacuum, negativity will fill it. Master teacher create procedures and routines in which there is no down time.
  • They create an emotionally safe and inviting environment in which it is easy to do the right thing.
  • Master teachers know that the beginning of a lesson sets the tone. A consistent beginning of a lesson allows the teacher to focus on learning by making behavior automatic.

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