Only 19 percent of students graduate college in four years

A new report says that only 19 percent of students graduated in four years from most public universities and that only 50 of 580 public universities graduated a majority of their full-time students at the four-year mark.

Study Shows Most Students Don’t Earn A College Degree In Four Years.

The New York Times (12/2, Lewin, Subscription Publication) reports the nonprofit group Complete College America released a report saying that at most American public colleges, only 19 percent of full-time students earn a bachelor’s degree in four years. The report also found that only 50 of 580 institutions graduate a majority of students on time and that the problem is even more pronounced at community colleges where only 5 percent of students earn their associates degree within two years. The report cites the inability to register for required courses, credits lost in college transfers, and remediation sequences “that do not work” as contributing factors to the prolonged attendance at universities.

        The Cleveland Plain Dealer (12/2, Farkas) reports that the inability to graduate on time costs families “tens of thousands of dollars in extra college-related expenses, as well as lost wages from delaying entry into the workforce” and that to combat this students should be given “pathways” to a degree. The pathways would give students a structured schedule of courses and electives on a semester-by-semester basis that would lead to an on-time completion of a degree.


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