Starter, Warm-up, “bell ringer,” or “do now” My Favorite No – Teaching Channel

via Teaching Channel

Video: Math teacher, Leah Alcala, engages students by using a warm-up problem at the beginning of every class.

Materials and Resources: Index Cards, Document Camera, LCD Projector

This is a great “bell ringer,” or “do now” activity.

This 5:00 minute video also demonstrates the following:

  1. Creating a low-threat classroom environment
  2. Low-cost strategies
  3. Formative Assessment
  4. Check for Understanding
  5. Whole-Class Instruction
  6. Questionning Strategies
  7. Guided Practice
  8. Differentiation
  9. Teach and Re-teach
  10. Higher-Order Thinking (Analyze, Evaluate)


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