What’s wrong with using data to grade teachers?

Ill-conceived ratings systems can wreak havoc on educators’ careers

New York Lawsuits Draw Attention To Student-Based Teacher Evaluation Debate.

An Al Jazeera America (12/2) analysis reports that teachers in New York have filed lawsuits to overturn “the state’s controversial teacher evaluation system,” noting that the complaints “converge on the issue of whether teachers should be judged on the basis of student test scores, and New York state is poised to set a nationwide precedent on the use of value-added testing data in teacher evaluations.” The piece notes that Education Secretary Arne Duncan has praised value-added models, but notes that the American Statistical Association has “denounced” such methodology as “wrongly measuring ‘correlation, not causation.’”

Source: america.aljazeera.com

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Value-Added Measures in Teacher Evaluation


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