Principals: Best Investment of 5 Big Ideas to Improve Education | Forbes

Forbes challenged experts to single out five big ideas that could Make U.S. school kids
tops in the world. Then we quantified The costs and
benefits. Behold: an ROI-driven
turnaround plan for our children (With a $225 Trillion Dividend).


“FORBES sought to spur debate by quantifying the seemingly unquantifiable. We set out to determine the costs and benefits of taking U.S. schoolkids from their middling global rankings to top five in the world, as measured by math scores and rates for high school graduation, college entry and four-year college completion.”

Enhanced School Leadership was, by far, the lowest investment, but had the highest rate of return.

In other words, if funds are limited, spend them on principals.

Of the five proposals, School Leadership was, by far, the best investment to make in improving schools.

  1. Teacher Efficacy/Salaries – Cost-$4.8 Trillion ROI – 12X
  2. Universal Pre-K – Cost $1.1 Trillion ROI – 34X
  3. School Leadership – Cost $11Billion ROI – 5,551X
  4. Blended Learning – Cost $43 Billions ROI – 746X
  5. Common Core Standards – Cost $185 Billion  ROI – 149X

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