What missing class in Kindergarten means for high school

Kindergarten Absenteeism Impacts Later Education.

The Provo (UT) Daily Herald (12/12) reports that as research shows missing even two days of school a month in first and second grades impacts test scores later on, schools are trying to understand and prevent children missing school rather than punishing “truancy.” UC Santa Barbara education economist Michael Gottfried said that “Missing even a few days a month can add up to a month of missed school over a school year and significantly undermine performance.” He has found that “strong chronic absence,” or missing 18 or more days a year, in kindergarten lowered their math and reading test scores, particularly among low-income students, and a 2011 study by Attendance Works found only 13 percent of chronically absent students performed at grade level.

Source: www.heraldextra.com

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