The CCSS: Equity and Deeper Learning

The CCSS: Equity and Deeper Learning ~ Alliance For Excellent Education

By Linda Darling-Hammond and Pedro Noguera

“If implemented successfully, they (CCSS) could support the kind of teaching that would enable students to develop deeper learning competencies, including:

  1. a flexible understanding…of key concepts
  2. ability to apply core academic content to solve complex problems
  3. ability to work collaboratively
  4. ability to communicate effectively
  5. learn how to learn


“these new initiatives will require a tremendous transformation in teaching approaches, school organization and leadership orientation.  

Serving the historically underserved

Such changes will be particularly challenging for under-resourced schools serving large numbers of low-income students which were most likely to narrow the curriculum to test preparation strategies under the threat of sanctions during the No Child Left Behind era. 

Increased Rigor

In most schools and classrooms, “students…have been given few chances to learn to solve complex problems, conduct research, communicate in multiple forms, or use new technologies for finding, analyzing, and evaluating information.

Teacher Capacity: Building NOT Inspecting

“need to build educator capacity to learn and use new pedagogies”



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