SAT More Predictive Of Black Students’ Success In College

A new study suggests affirmative action policies in college admissions might be a good idea.

Study: SAT More Predictive Of Black Students’ Success In College.

The Washington Post (1/6, Guo) reports a recent working paper from three Texas economists found that, of Texas public school students that attended public universities, “for black students, the SAT is a far more important predictor of college GPA than for white or Latino students,” despite black students scoring worse, on average, on such tests. Study coauthor Jane Arnold Lincove of the University of Texas at Austin speculated that such tests are less predictive of white students’ performance because they have more access to prep courses that aim to boost scores regardless of the student’s ability. Lincove also said that the results speak “to the idea that affirmative action in admissions might empirically be a good idea.”


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