What Do 6-year-old’s Punishment for Being Late and Vandy Coach’s Outburst Have in Common?

In in the case of the 6 year-old…

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) — An Oregon school district is reviewing its tardiness punishments after a picture posted on Facebook of a 6-year-old sitting behind a cardboard screen in the lunchroom generated widespread outrage.

The Grants Pass School District issued a statement saying it “is taking the concerns raised very seriously,” and the punishment “was never intended to isolate or stigmatize students.”

Nicole Garloff says her son, Hunter, was upset when she dropped him off late at Lincoln Elementary School, so she checked on him at lunchtime. She found him sitting behind a cardboard screen. She took him home, and posted a photo on Facebook. So did the boy’s grandmother.

More than 115,000 people have shared the photo Laura Hoover posted on Facebook of her grandson.

In the case of the Vanderbilt Basketball Coach…

Coach Kevin Stallings “used offensive and inflammatory language directed toward a student-athlete” after the conclusion of an recent contest.

Source: wgntv.com

I have found this guiding principle to be of great value in dealing with both adults and students:

Reward publicly. Admonish privately.

While one could argue the details of each situation, had either the coach of the school leader followed that guiding principle, cool heads might have prevailed and controversy could have been avoided.

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