Computer Troubles (Yet Again) Create Havoc on Testing Day in FL (State Test)

The state blames the vendor.

Students across Florida were supposed to spend Monday taking computer-based standardized exams — high school students, end-of-course tests; kids in Grades 5-10, the math portion of the new high-stakes Florida Standards Assessment.


In some states, it is the vendor. In others, the problem is the state computers and servers. In some instances, the district is the problem. While in other situations, the school has the problem.

States, districts, and schools with more experience with online testing have fewer issues.

Dragging educational assessment into the 21st Century has proven to be much more difficult that anticipated, unless one goes through a multi-year transition process as our school did.Then you completely understand the potential issues.

These are predictable problems that must, at some time, be addressed before we can enter the modern age.

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