2020 State of the Union Response

“Once again, President Trump squanders a State of the Union opportunity to bolster the success of public schools by proposing only to enrich private schools at public expense. With a fresh infusion of funds siphoned from public services, private entities would enjoy expanded ‘education freedom’ to admit the students they find desirable. But for the 90-plus percent of U.S. students who attend public schools, including students with the greatest educational needs, the administration’s sole education effort would exacerbate an already severe funding crisis. Let’s remember that public education bears the label because it serves the public good and accepts public accountability. Bureaucratic schemes to privatize education—whether as overt as vouchers or as insidious as tax credit scholarships—compromise our public investment in those schools and the education of our nation’s youth.”

—JoAnn Bartoletti, NASSP Executive Director


  • John Vincent says:

    Fifteen years ago there were no charter schools in our state. Now there are over 130. For whatever reasons many people are shunning public education. Perhaps we need to address supply and demand in better ways. And its not because of funding. We receive more money now than ever and I see waste in many places for many things. We cannot forget that pubic expense, government, and public anything is only made possible by private industry production and private taxation. Too much taxation removes incentive for the public investment you talk about and there is less for everybody. I am not unhappy with the economic success of America. Its better for everyone. Truly.

  • Bill Weinsheimer says:

    Thank you for having the courage to stand up to an administration that continues to undermine public education. The Secretary of Education is grossly inadequate at leading public education, and the policy decisions they are making have a teal impact on public education. Let’s challenge their attempts to gut the best system to give underprivileged a real boost.

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