Advocacy Update

Oppose Trump’s Budget and Support Educators!

Research has shown that principals are the second most important factor in supporting student growth. Despite this fact, President Trump’s recent budget asks for a complete elimination of Title II, Part A funds, which are meant to recruit, retain, and support teachers and principals. However, Congress still has the ability to fund Title II, Part A. Take a stand with NASSP and participate in our newest action alert opposing President Trump’s cuts and asking Congress to fully fund Title II, Part A at the levels authorized under ESSA. (more…)

The Importance of Building Relationships Within the Community

Guest post by Cameron Soester

In my time at Milford Public Schools, I have learned that it truly takes a village to help our students succeed. Schools and communities share a common goal of creating a learning environment that develops strong students who will one day become productive citizens. Working with the community, however, can be difficult as it takes time and effort for schools to engage its residents and businesses. But taking the time to build these community relationships has been essential to the success of our students at Milford.  (more…)

President Obama Unveils His Final Budget

On February 9, President Obama released the final budget of his presidency. This comes days after congressional leaders announced that Shaun Donovan, director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), would not be invited to testify on the FY 2017 budget. As testifying is a tradition typically afforded to the director of OMB, this likely signals a looming budget and appropriations battle in the final year of Obama’s presidency.

The three education investment themes in the president’s budget are:

1) Increasing equity and excellence (more…)

Advocacy Update

Inside the Beltway

What’s going on in Washington?

Sen. Jack Reed of Rhode Island and Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania introduced the Educator Preparation Reform Act (S. 2419), aimed at better preparing teachers, principals, and other educators to be effective and profession-ready on day one. The bill is intended to be part of the conversation on the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, which is expected to come up this year. NASSP endorsed this legislation in the 113th Congress and offered recommendations to Sen. Reed’s staff for the current 114th Congress version. (more…)

Helping Tomorrow’s Principals Find Their Path to Leadership

The best principal preparation programs actively seek the best leadership talent, then cultivate that talent in a safe environment where aspiring leaders can make mistakes, consider their behavior, and try again.

These are consistent themes among the five principal-preparation programs awarded a Principals Path to Leadership grant, announced today by American Express and NASSP.

The winners—selected from more than 70 applicants—will receive a total of approximately $2.5 million to increase their capacity and impact over the next three years with an eye toward long-term sustainability. The grants are awarded at a time of heightened awareness of principals’ crucial roles in school improvements.

The five winning organizations and programs are: (more…)