Ignite ’15 conference

Ignite ’15: Know Before You Go

The materials are printed and shipped. The speakers are polishing their remarks. And you—you’re ready to pack your bags for Ignite ’15!

But before you get out that suitcase, here are a few key details to note and things to gear up for:

Name badges will not be mailed in advance
If you haven’t already, you will receive a confirmation email prior to the conference. Bring this email to registration, which is located inside Halls F & G of the San Diego Convention Center. The bar code in your confirmation email will be needed to print your name badge and collect your conference bag at the new “Scan and Go” Stations. You may print your confirmation email or scan the bar code directly from your smartphone or tablet. If you don’t have your barcode email, you can simply enter your last name into the “Scan and Go” station. (more…)

A Leader’s Resolution: Professional Fitness in the New Year

Guest post by Jared Wastler, assistant principal, Liberty High School, Eldersburg, MD

It is that time of year again­—time to set resolutions for the New Year. Eating healthier? Using technology less? Exercising more? Those are the popular ones. However, this year I challenge you to consider a different type of resolution. My challenge to each and every one of you is to resolve to become more professionally fit.

Professional fitness does not refer to how many stairs you can climb throughout your building during the day or the number of steps you take during bus and lunch duty. Instead, professional fitness refers to your aptitude as a continual learner. Ignite ’15 Thought Leader Michael Fullan uses a key term in his book The Principal: Three Keys to Maximizing Impact: lead learner. (more…)

Successful Strategies for Technology Integration in Schools

The use of technology in schools is revolutionizing K–12 learning, and principals serve an important role in fostering this change. As Jennifer Demski of The Journal said, “the most successful implementation of technology programs takes place in schools where the principal sees him or herself as a technology leader.”

Indeed, many principals across the country are leading the charge for the increased use of technology—and for good reason. Just a few benefits of technology in the classroom include: (more…)