How to Engage Parents as Partners

Guest post by Lenore M. Kingsmore

When I became the principal of Henry Hudson Regional School seven years ago, there was little to no communication between the home and school. Parental involvement was no more than a booster club that raised money. Research shows time and again that students are more successful in school when they have parents who are engaged in their education. I knew that in order to get the best out of my students and make changes in school culture, I needed to engage parents as decision-making partners. (more…)

Lessons Learned: Bridging the Gap Between a School and a Community

Guest post by Eddie Gleason

Meaningful family-community engagement and principal leadership are two essential components for effective school improvement. Yet, these two elements often operate separately from each other, and collaboration between school leaders and the community can be a challenge.

October is National Principals Month, which presents an opportunity for communities to recognize the important work principals do for our students across the country. In recognition of this annual celebration, I’m going to share with you how my local Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and our elementary school principal worked together to unite a community in educating our students.

Recently, as a PTA officer and the only male on the executive committee at my local elementary school, I was assigned to connect with the new school principal. (more…)