private school vouchers

A Voucher Bill That Harms Military Families

NASSP has long been an opponent of private school vouchers and an active member of the National Coalition on Public Education (NCPE). Private school voucher policies drain necessary funds from our nation’s public school system, are not required to follow many federal nondiscrimination statutes, and have no concrete proof that they serve students better than their public counterparts.


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Inside the Beltway

What’s going on in Washington?

The D.C. area was hit with the biggest snowstorm in a decade, beginning on Friday, January 22, causing closures, delays, and cancellations across the city, including on Capitol Hill. But elsewhere, politicos were more concerned with the run up to the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries. Iowans go to the polls today, February 1, to elect the first delegates to this summer’s Democratic and Republican Conventions. The New Hampshire primaries will play out next week on February 9. (more…)