Sekou Andrews

Ignite ’16 Thought Leaders to Bring Energy, Insight

The keynote speakers at next year’s Ignite ’16 conference will open and close the conference with unique perspectives and a fresh approach to helping school leaders be their very best.

Sekou Andrews will kick off the conference with his cutting-edge fusion of inspirational speaking and spoken word poetry. Through his powerful presentations, Sekou helps organizations find their voice and tell their most powerful stories. His blend of spoken word, storytelling, theater, and comedy has been enjoyed by celebrities, national media outlets, and leading companies.

Marc Patrick from Nike was thoroughly impressed by Sekou’s presentation: “I’ve never heard an audience be as quiet and attentive as when Sekou is speaking. He absolutely commands respect of the room. He gets everybody’s attention, and in this particular project, he certainly did that. You could hear a needle drop when he’s speaking and everybody just wants to see what he’s going to do next.” (more…)