staff appreciation

Celebrating Teachers at a Distance

Communities across America will celebrate their teachers during National Teacher Appreciation Week May 4–8, with a focused celebration on May 5 for National Teacher Day. Principals often lead the charge, but the current circumstances make some traditional activities a bit more challenging to execute. So, we asked a group of principals how they are celebrating their teachers next week. Unsurprisingly, you’ve gotten creative with socially distant yet thoughtful celebrations: (more…)

Creating an Environment Where Teachers are Appreciated and Celebrated

When I transitioned from the classroom to administration in January of 2000, I realized that one of the things I was giving up was the direct daily impact on students that I had as a teacher. Sure, I would still have a large impact on students, but not in the same manner that a teacher does. This helped influence how I wanted to treat the teachers who did have that daily direct influence on students. Basically, I was determined to provide my teachers with the support and materials they needed to go out and do their jobs to the best of their ability. That also included making sure that they knew I appreciated their efforts. (more…)